The New Top AAA Fake Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite Collection Watches UK

One of the oldest collections in Omega’s history, the Constellation has been around since 1952 (only surpassed in longevity by the Seamaster). First a classic, chronometer-rated watch with elegance in mind, the 2024 1:1 Omega Constellation replica watches drastically changed in the 1980s with the introduction of the Constellation Manhattan, its integrated design and its hallmark claws. Revived in 2019 with a feminine collection, followed in 2020 by 39mm men’s models, the range that matters today is the Omega Constellation Gent’s Collection 41mm, released 4 years ago. Already appealing, with its cleverly modernised design, 5 new references now join the collection. And there’s more to these perfect UK fake watches than just the meteorite dials. 

The current Omega Constellation collection comprises a wide array of versions, ranging from compact feminine versions, including editions with a small seconds display, mid-size models for men with a 39mm diameter and, at the top of the range, slightly bolder, more technically advanced and rather appealing 41mm cheap replica watches designed with casualness in mind. Available in steel with ceramic bezels, in two-tone options, or in yellow and Sedna gold, all references were, up until now, worn on an integrated hybrid strap in rubber and alligator. And except for one reference, all feature a ceramic bezel.

This year, best Omega replica watches has decided to look back at this collection and bring several updates. And while the most important of them is the introduction of meteorite for the dials, there are also differences regarding the materials and bracelets. As a short reminder, this specific look for the Constellation, with its tonneau-shaped case, its claws on the bezel, its half-moon facets and overall integrated look, is linked to an important change in the collection from 1982, with the launch of the Constellation Manhattan family. The high quality copy watches we’ll see today are the direct descendants of this rather flamboyant watch designed by Carol Didisheim. Somehow forgotten for some years, this design came back in 2019 and 2020, with the launch of the Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 39mm, followed by these bolder and more modern 41mm models.

These 5 new Omega Constellation 41mm super clone watches for sale, part of the fifth generation, are first and foremost displaying new dials, made from meteorite. With 3 models available in steel and 2 in gold, the dials are produced using a meteorite coming from Sweden, the Muonionalusta meteorite – a mostly iron-based meteorite with a significant proportion of nickel. Like the Gibeon meteorite, it showcases a classic Widmanstätten pattern, however, there with slight differences in the structure. 

To obtain the colours, the base meteorite dial is PVD coated either with Sedna PVD gold, Moonshine PVD gold, green PVD or blue PVD. The silver model isn’t PVD coated and has been finished with a galvanic treatment, in order to retain a colour as close as possible from the original material. Depending on the model, the applied markers and the Constellation star – which are classic elements of the collection – are either black PVD-treated, 18k white gold, 18k Moonshine gold or 18k Sedna gold. 

Depending on the colour, the bezel of these new Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite replica watches with Swiss movements is either ceramic (black ceramic for the silver version, green ceramic on the PVD green version) or metal, with the Roman numerals in positive relief obtained by laser ablating (for the blue, Moonshine and Sedna versions). The blue version has a bezel in grade 5 titanium.

Some other notable updates regarding this collection. Next to the meteorite dial, it is the first time that the Constellation is available in 18k Moonshine gold (the brand’s proprietary yellow alloy) – previous models were made from classic 18k yellow gold. Also, it is the first time the 41mm models are available with a steel bracelet. The bracelet is the same as the one used on the Constellation 39mm, and these are interchangeable between both sizes – identical lug width. It is closed by a triple folding clasp with comfort release, allowing a 2mm extension.

For the rest, we’re talking about the same technical base as the steel Constellation 41mm we reviewed in this article. This means a watch with the collection’s emblematic Manhattan design, yet highly modernized, with a certain luxury sports watch vibe. The case, whatever the material used, measures 41mm in diameter, 13.5mm in thickness (we’d love to see it thinner) and a compact 44mm lug-to-lug measurement. The polished claws, the hallmark of this collection, are used on both the gold and ceramic bezels, together with the rounded half-moon facets. The fake watches online is water-resistant to 50 metres.

Inside the case is the calibre 8900 (steel models) or the calibre 8901 (gold models). Only differentiated by the presence or not of a solid gold rotor and balance bridge, these automatic movements are wholesale Omega replica watches‘ finest with a co-axial escapement, a silicon balance spring, double-barrels in series and a Master Chronometer certification. They even feature a practical time-zone function, allowing the hour hand to be adjusted independently by one-hour increments.

As said, this Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite Collection comprises 5 models:

    Steel case, black ceramic bezel, silver galvanic-treated meteorite dial, black PVD markers, steel bracelet

    Steel case, green ceramic bezel, green PVD meteorite dial, white gold markers, steel bracelet

    Steel case, titanium bezel, blue PVD meteorite dial, white gold markers, steel bracelet

    18k Moonshine gold case, bracelet and bezel, Moonshine gold PVD meteorite dial, Moonshine gold markers

    18k Sedna gold case, bracelet and bezel, Sedna gold PVD meteorite dial, Sedna gold markers

Available as part of the permanent collection, these new Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite models will retail for CHF 8,900 – EUR 10,300 (blue), CHF 9,200 – EUR 10,700 (silver and green) or CHF 40,200 – EUR 46,600 (gold) – prices incl. taxes.

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