Live On The Ground For The UK 2024 Luxury Snoopy Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch Mission To Moonphase Fake Watches Sales Launch

With an international team that spans across at least three time zones at any given moment, organising team calls on Zoom can be a bit of a challenge. But there’s one big advantage about living in Australia – currently 11 hours ahead of London and 15 hours ahead of New York – is that when it comes to big launches like the Swatch x Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to Moonphase replica watches for sale, it happens here before anywhere else. Sure, you will all get your chance tomorrow. Borna, Alex and I, however, got an early start this morning and headed over to our local Swatch boutique to be on the ground live, talk with those in line, and get exclusive access inside the boutique ahead of sales opening to cover all the action as it unfolds and be among the first people in the world to check out the Snoopy MoonSwatch “in the metal” – or should that be in the Bioceramic?

Collectors or flippers? Who was really in line?

Like a father sussing out a potential suitor for their daughter, one of the first questions that comes to mind (especially as an entire street block has a massive queue snaking around it) is what are these people’s intentions? Who has really come out to score a Snoopy MoonSwatch? Are these committed queuers, some of whom have secured their place in line by camping out overnight, genuine enthusiasts looking to add a collectible to their collection? Are they horological newcomers looking to score their first cheap UK fake watches? Or, more nefariously, an overzealous eBay flipper trying to acquire a watch so that their pre-launch listing is not an absolute lie?

I interviewed several people in the line, and everyone I spoke to seemed to be genuine buyers. Some of them were seasoned MoonSwatch collectors, but some were also first-timers; enticed by the novelty of this Snoopy model. No doubt there were also a few flippers – the proof in the pudding will be the number of eBay listings going live this afternoon.

A brief recap: What is new about the Snoopy MoonSwatch?

Borna wrote a thorough introduction upon the announcement of the Snoopy Swatch x Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase, but there are three key firsts within this release. Firstly, and most obviously, this is the first MoonSwatch to feature a Snoopy tie-in with the character gracing the dial of the AAA copy watches. With multiple coveted Omega Speedmaster Snoopy editions released over the years, in honour of the Silver Snoopy award given out by NASA, it was only natural that Swatch and Omega’s collaborative MoonSwatch, based on the top replica Omega Speedmaster watches, would feature Snoopy. If there was one thing that could further hype up an already mega hypebeast of a collection, it would be Snoopy.

Secondly, this is the first-ever MoonSwatch to utilise a white Bioceramic case and, lastly, it is also the first-ever MoonSwatch to introduce a moonphase complication into the mix. Swatch explains: “Snoopy, NASA’s safety ambassador since the 1960s, is featured lying on the moon on the moonphase disc, which rotates in the subdial set at 2 o’clock. Under UV light, a hidden quote from a Snoopy comic strip nestled amidst crescent moons and stars, is revealed on the unique subdial.” The complication indicates the eight phases of the moon that we see during the 29.5 days of a lunar cycle. This is a poetically perfect choice of complication to add into the mix considering we are talking about China 1:1 replica Omega Moonwatches here – or at least a form of one.

In the Bioceramic first impressions

First impressions are positive. I quite like this Snoopy MoonSwatch super clone watches with Swiss movements! The all-white look helps it feel more premium than previous MoonSwatch releases – as does the addition of a moonphase complication. The moonphase display is pretty, and the lume is pretty bright. I like that the Snoopy collaboration isn’t super overt, either: it’s cute, but not cutesy.

The hidden quote on the subdial – “I can’t sleep without a night light!” – is very small and quite hard to read, even after a sustained blast from a UV torch… But I don’t think that’s a bad thing, as it makes it a proper Easter egg. Also, there was a lot of speculation in the line ahead of the drop that the Velcro strap would apparently feature a hidden message. We can confirm it does not.

Closing thoughts

For anyone who thought that MoonSwatch hype was finally dying off, the Snoopy MoonSwatch replica watches for men is proof positive that there’s still plenty of interest in these baby Speedies.

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