We have done lists for those with stealth wealth, but looking through our archives, we have not done one for those old money folks. Maybe they don’t need our recommendations, but perhaps they do. Anyway our list, our rules. Lets’s go!

Patek Phillippe Replica Watches

Perhaps the queen maison. Perfect UK Patek Philippe replica watches is the grande old dame of watchmaking. With a long and illustrious history to match. It does well in the secondary market, and new pieces are quite difficult to come along…requiring one to develop a long term relationship with the Authorised Dealer to be allocated a desirable Patek. All traits perfect for old money. Top of the pick is of course, a minute repeater. Patek has a long history and reputation of making the best repeaters in the business. Take the Ref. 3939 Minute Repeater Tourbillon. One was sold by Phillips in 2021 in Geneva Auction XIV for CHF 384k. Though my personal favourite among Patek striking fake watches online is the Ref. 5016.

The Ref. 3939 is more discreet, of course. Looking almost like a simple time only watch, but is armed with a magnificent sounding minute repeater and a tourbillon regulator. The Patek Philippe style is for the tourbillon to be only visible from the sapphire case back adds to the sober tone. While the Ref. 5016, though still quite understated features a perpetual calendar on the dial. This makes the dial a bit more cluttered, suggesting to the uninitiated that there is something special going on there. But of course, to those not familiar, it still hides the superlative striking mechanism and a tourbillon. Finishing of the top copy watches: case, dial and movement are flawless.

Neither the Ref. 3939 nor the Ref. 5017 are in production anymore. Makes both the chosen models even more old money, doesn’t it? As far as we know the Ref. 3939 has no current modern alternative from Patek. The Ref. 3303 is perhaps the closest but it has a transparent sapphire glass dial and retails at SGD 1,093,800 in a rose gold case. The closest Patek ever got to a successor to the Ref. 5016 was the Ref. 5207, released in 2011. The white gold cases luxury replica watches is still in the current catalog for a cool SGD 1,360,000. (We love it that Patek lists the prices of even their Grande Complication pieces!)

Audemars Piguet Fake Watches

AP is the third leg of the Trinity. The classic choice would of course, be the Royal Oak. And what better to offer a taste of old world money than the AAA online replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Ref. 15202IP watches. Our chosen RO shares the same 39 mm case dimension as the fan-favourite steel Jumbo Extra-Thin model, the Ref. 15202ST, as well as the very first Royal Oak: the Ref. 5202ST. In fact, every dimension, the mechanics and the overall style of the watch remains exactly the same. The Ref. 15202IP is crafted in a mix of platinum and titanium, the watch features unique aesthetics that subtly differentiate it from its predecessors as the platinum and titanium offers an interesting subtle contrast of hues and finishing textures. The darker, highly-textured quality of the titanium contrasts splendidly with the blindingly polished platinum. Each metal and finish enhances the presence of the other exponentially. And yet, unless you observe closely and are in the know, the Ref. 15202IP will easily be passed off as another stainless steel Royal Oak instead of a special variant.

The 15202IP is not in the current AP catalog, being replaced by the current Ref. 16202ST, but we are not aware of a variant in the ultra-stealth platinum and titanium combination.

The only alternative is the original Jumbo from 1972 Ref. 5402ST. What a flex this one is! First of its genre to be made. Stainless steel, luxury sports super clone watches wholesale shop with integrated steel bracelet. Designed by the fabled Gerald Genta himself, and probably as responsible as any other watch to have saved Audemars Piguet from the ravages of the Quartz Revolution.

Replica Cartier Watches

Next up, Cartier. Again a grand old maison, founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier in Paris, but now part of the Richemont Luxury Group. The Maison had a fling with high complication, but lately, best Cartier replica watches has decided to settle on what they do best. French chic in the form cased watches. And again many icons to pick from which would fit our criteria. From the Tank to the Santos to the Pasha and the Crash! Our pick for this list has to be the Tortue. Specifically, the 1998 version, with the classic round movement by THA. That is our old money pick, though truth be told, the 2024, return of the Tortue Monopoussoir CPCP is also equally good, and perhaps even more technically appealing.

The 2024 novelty features an improved movement, now in-house (ValFleurier?) tonneau shaped movement, Cal. 1928MC, and in a smaller case. The case back is also opened with a sapphire glass which follows the shape of the case, instead of the former’s round porthole allowing a glimpse to the THA sourced movement.

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